We specialize in SMT and THT electronics assembly services.

Our equipment ensures the assembly is delivered using up-to-date technology. We provide high quality services and short deadlines for their implementation. We make orders for prototype series and both small- and large-scale production. Your business and technology confidential information is kept secret.

We carry out SMT assembly...
...as well as the assembly of THT components
We carry out BGA and μBGA chips assembly
We carry out the assembly of prototype series...
...as well as serial batches
Any rotation of the components is possible
We design and supply PCBs to order
We panelize Printed Circuit Boards in any shapes
We can place several different designs on the panel
We carry out the final assembly and installation in enclosures





Would you like to turn your idea for an electronic device into reality?

Place an order with us and we will develop:


Would you like to entrust us with a finished project?

See how to prepare your project to optimise the production process. Use our knowledge base!
📌 We will help you adapt the project to the production requirements.
🖹 We can draw up a confidentiality agreement. However, even without signing it, we strive to maintain the highest standards of confidential data storage.




Would you like to order PCBs?

🖩 Determine which boards you need and make a quote using the PCB calculator.

How can your boards be tested?

🔬100% of the printed circuit boards are electrically inspected.

👁️‍🗨️The boards are checked via the AOI method in terms of:

  • compliance with the project
  • continuity and required width of the tracks within them
  • correct tracks placement (no short circuits)
  • correct metallisation.




Are you considering how to purchase electronic components?

🛒 Entrust this task to us! When working on the preparation of an offer for the purchase of components for your project, we use proprietary tools that automate the valuation process.

Thanks to this you will get:

  • quick quote
  • the best prices for individual components from among the offers of several dozen of the most popular suppliers
  • access to components that are particularly difficult to access.
We have a network of reliable distributors, guaranteeing high speed and punctuality of deliveries as well as high quality of components.

As part of the supply chain management offer, we implement:

  • Purchase and completion of components
  • Tracking of deliveries
  • Warehouse management.

Do you wish to know the price of the components included in your project?

🕓 We prepare quotes even within 24-48 hours!
📝 See what we need to quote electronic components for your project.




Have you got any plans regarding SMT assembly?

1. An SMT stencil will be necessary. We are able:

  • to designing a stencil according to the requirements of our production line
  • to adapt your stencil design to our production requirements.

2. We will make a fully automatic assembly for you.




Have you got any plans regarding THT assembly?

✉️Contact us: it may be worth replacing THT components with SMT components.
It will be faster and - in the end - cheaper!

As part of the THT assembly, we perform:
  • automatic processing of components - bending and cutting
  • component embedding
  • assembly on a solder wave or manual assembly using soldering stations.




Would you like us to program your devices?

No problem - we will do it for you!

We can also design a dedicated serial programming adapter.




Need a housing design?

We will prepare it for you using the latest CAD programs.

We will make a prototype of the housing.


Have you got a design?

✉️Contact us. Let's discuss the possibility of optimising and automating the process of mounting boards in housings.




In what way can we pack your products?

When packing your devices, we can use both standard packaging and your company packaging:

  • individual
  • bulk.

We use various systems for packing boards and devices:

  • packing in cardboard boxes
  • film wrapping
  • packing in ziplock bags
  • packing in heat sealed bags.

At your request, we can use various labelling systems:

  • paper labels
  • metallised labels.




How to prepare a shipment?

Please specify the shipping method:

a) select a courier company:

  • recommended by us (shipping company with which we have signed a long-term contract)
  • of your choice (beneficial especially when you have a signed contract).

b) select the amount of shipping insurance;

c) define the mode of delivery:

  • standard
  • express.