Each order is treated individually. Preliminary evaluation of the project is made by calculator pricing which you can run when placing your order. This calculator is available on our website in "Orders" -> „Costs calculator”. Costs affecting the final price may be divided into:


Unit costs, i.e., those incurred only for the first time during the execution of first order:

  • Programming of the assembly line;
  • Production of SMT stencil adapted to our stencil printer.


Fixed costs, are costs which incurred for each subsequent resumption of the order:

  • Price of electronic components;
  • Start of assembly line;
  • Electronics assembly.



Below you will find guide prices (may vary depending on the complexity of the project):


Unit costs:

  • Programming of SMT assembly line (for one layer) – ≥ 39 USD NET + 23% VAT;
  • Creation of SMT laser or etched stencil (for one layer) – 26 - 64 USD NET + 23% VAT.


Fixed costs:

  • Components price - dependent on electronic components used in the project, also whether the components (or part of them) are provided by Customer;
  • Start of SMT line (retooling and configuring the SMT machine and stencil printer also preparation of reflow oven - setting soldering profile) – ≥ 77 USD NET + 23% VAT – (for one layer);
  • Automatic SMT assembly:
    • solder paste - depending from the type of paste, the amount of solder pads and thickness of SMT stencil,
    • assembly of one solder point – ≥ 0.005 USD NET + 23% VAT
  • Start of THT line (setting soldering wave) – Start of THT line (+ setting soldering wave) – ≥ 18 USD NET + 23% VAT;
  • THT assembly – ≥ 0.013 USD NET + 23% VAT for the soldering point.


Additionally, we offer services for the post-production phase:

  • Washing of PCB in an ultrasonic cleaner – no additional charge;

  • Inspection of soldered connections on PCB – no additional charge;

  • Application of protective coatings on PCB – 0.11 USD NET + 23% VAT/10 cm2;
  • Packing into ESD bags (heat sealed) – 0.06 USD NET + 23% VAT/pc.


For large orders or long-term cooperation (contract) discounts are offered.